Tadej Lango

DiaVita’s story
in Europe

The story of DiaVita in Europe starts from a dynamic and visionary leader, Tadej Lango, a young Slovenian Italo, sportsman, javelin at CUS Torino in Serie A Oro and volleyball player in B Series, who decides to move to Moscow to realize his professional dream.

From an early age, Tadej is fascinated by 2 aspects: a healthy and balanced lifestyle and start-up companies.

His childhood in Italy gave him the taste for healthy and fresh food, often just picked from the garden. Growing up and traveling the world, he realized that it is not always possible to access such healthy foods, especially living in big cities or in places where fast food flourishes. This lifestyle often leads to overweight in people, as well as to loss of energy and health, which are so necessary to feel fit and enjoy life to the fullest.

Love for start-ups also evolved.

In 2016, by chance, he came into contact with a team of brilliant IT developers in Moscow, home to scientific innovation with its IT developers and engineers, and set up a meeting with a British company working on the development of food supplements. The idea of the company searching for a healthy lifestyle products began to seem real. It was a huge opportunity to become part of the team that has just presented a new formulation of smart protein supplement in the Asian countries with the intent to distribute it all over the world and to build a really interesting sales system, based mainly on digital technologies.

Through communication, on a regular basis, with people of different ages, Tadej understood that everyone has the same problems: weight control, lack of essential nutrients, but nobody knew that a protein supplement can be useful not only for those who practice sports, but also to people living in the city with a busy lifestyle and therefore with a high level of stress. This product was essentially intended to improve people's daily nutrition, supporting weight control, increasing energy, eliminating toxins, better absorption of vitamins and minerals and better overall well-being.

Eager to share these revolutionary products with the world and in particular with the native Italians, Tadej and his new British team decided to create a compensation plan for the Direct Sales area. The results were not long in coming: a global platform that uses all the power of technology to share innovative products, training and support for those who dream of a healthy lifestyle and true success in life.

Following the success of Vita Energy, which has brought to light the concept of balanced nutrition with its scientifically advanced formulations in the world, DiaVita integrated the range of products with a beauty line that gathers the same values of wellbeing on the basis of natural ingredients contained in Vita Energy. This is how Dia Beauty was born, a complete range of skin care products that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

In a single year only, DiaVita started to distribute its products in 7 countries. All these combined elements allow people to live their lives according to their dreams, in the country they choose to live and work, to help others according to their needs of skin and body care, and to provide an opportunity of financial freedom.

DiaVita®, the leading English company in the field of healthy nutrition, arrives in Italy with its two product lines: Vita Energy® - new generation protein supplements and Dia Beauty® - cosmetics skin care products based on natural ingredients. DiaVita®'s mission is to promote well-being and improve the quality of life of people around the world with "smart products" that combine the best of what science and nature offer in compliance with the highest quality standards stated in the Union European.

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