05.04.2017 Archie Smith

Best-tasting protein drink around!

05.04.2017 Alice Roberts

I did a 3 day trial and loved it enough to take the plunge. I've been doing the plan for 5 days now and have already seen results. My energy level has greatly improved and I feel great!

03.04.2017 Luca Jones

I feel like I eat a lot of food even though it is high protein and fiber. I don't see how anyone is going hungry doing this VitaEnergy plan. The shakes taste awesome also!

02.04.2017 Amelie Wright

I have been trying to increase my daily protein intake and struggled with finding protein products that were low in sugar and calories. I stumbled across your VitaEnergy shakes and was so pleased to find a product with such a high amount of protein for only 160 calories. I have one shake a day, and they are so easy to pack in my bag and take with me to the office. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product.

02.04.2017 Clover Walker

I use VitaEnergy after every workout. Since using it, I have squatted 700 lbs. at 137 lbs. bodyweight. It is the best product to help a strength athlete recover from workouts. I will continue to use VitaEnergy because I know it is a cornerstone of my success.

28.03.2017 Lewis Thomas

Your VitaEnergy have been a wonderful breakfast and/or afternoon snack. My 80-year-old mother, who does not like eating breakfast, now enjoys a protein bar with her coffee in the morning. Recently, I discovered your smart shakes and have one almost every afternoon. The VitaEnergy compound really makes a difference in my day-to-day activities.

27.03.2017 Eva Scott

I've worked hard to become more fit through dedication in both the gym and through nutrition. Physical fitness is a lifestyle and VitaEnergy facilitates the lifestyle through convenient/quality products.

24.03.2017 Iris Carter

I started using VitaEnergy shakes in April, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your products. Increasing my protein intake has provided me with so much more energy throughout my busy day. And not only do I have more energy, your products have helped me shed 10 lbs.! THANK YOU DiaVita I will forever be a Sam's Club customer to make sure I am always stocked with your products.

23.03.2017 Rex Evans

I have lost 100 lbs in 7 months and am currently at my goal weight. I have used VitaEnegry chocolate shakes and also the strawberry (when I can get my hands on it) to keep my energy level up. I drink it upon waking every day; it fills me up and keeps me going for my exercise routine. I also take in another drink sometime between lunch and dinner. It truly is the best-tasting shake out there, and I always look forward to using it to make new concoctions with my blender. Thanks for a great product!

23.03.2017 Rosie Shaw

I have been using smart shake VitaEnergy as a protein meal replacement along with some carbs to create a balanced meal. Right now I am at my leanest ever in terms of body fat, but continue to build muscle mass due to proper supplementation of VitaEnergy. I certainly have seen an improvement in performance from this!

*These results are not necessarily typical. Individual results will vary. Vita Energy shakes can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

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